Select a site and sign-up/log-in to the Field Survey

View sites on the map below and click to select a site you would like to survey. This will then take you to the sign-up/log-in page. Alternatively, you can sign up/log in without selecting a site by clicking the button below the map.

  • Search on your postcode or zoom in on the map to view available sites near you. Each red, orange or grey dot on the map indicates the centre of a Field Survey site (1km square, also shown). A string of smaller dots indicates a mapped survey route.
  • Sites indicated by red or orange dots are available for selection. You will need to walk a roughly triangular route covering the 1km square.
  • For repeat sites the route will usually already have been mapped out by the previous volunteer; for previously unsurveyed sites you will need to map out a route following instructions in your survey pack.
  • Zoom in on the 1km square to assess whether it looks like a site that is safe and accessible for you to walk around at night.
  • Zoom out more widely to assess whether it is a site you can easily get to and get back home from late at night. At the earliest your survey finish time is likely to be between 10:30 and 11pm but will be later the further north you live (may be close to or after midnight in Scotland).

Site Availability

Previously surveyed sites
Available to select
These usually have a survey route mapped out by a previous volunteer
Previously unsurveyed sites
Available to select
A survey route will need to be mapped out using instructions provided
Sites that have already been selected